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Strong and Free

Posted on June 28, 2018

Canada Day provides us all with the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be Canadian and the journey we’ve travelled; a time to appreciate what we have achieved over the past one hundred and fifty one years of our confederation.

This July 1st as we take the day to celebrate we can be immensely proud of our accomplishments. We’ve managed to forge a progressive first world liberal democracy across a vast geographical and diverse cultural landscape. When times were tough we always found a way forward and we weren’t afraid to circle back and recognize where we could have done things better.  We’ve come to the table for our allies when they need us and we could be depended upon to do the heavy lifting when it was required.

As a relatively young country Canada plays a key role in a number of organizations that demonstrates who we are and how we are perceived by our fellow nations. Establishments like the G7, G20, NATO, NORAD, WTO, and the United Nations are just a few of our memberships that speak to our ability to add value to the global conversation or act should the situation warrant.

Although we enjoy our Tim Hortons, maple syrup and our hockey we are much more than just our Canadiana.  It is our method that truly defines us. Our nation chooses to “build bridges” instead of “walls” and it is this Canadian approach that will not only drive our success but propel us into a global leadership position.

Happy Canada Day.

Stephen Fuhr is the Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country