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Bill C-71

Posted on April 6, 2018

Last week, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives stood against Bill C-71 and the introduction of common-sense gun control to keep Canadians safe.

This evening Mr. Scheer is holding an event with the South Okanagan Sportsman’s Association.

This is a leader who deleted his leadership platform from the Web because he doesn’t want Canadians to know about his plan for dramatically weaker gun control, beyond even the Harper era.

So Canadians have a right to know where Mr. Scheer stands, and just how much influence he’d like to cede to the gun lobby.

Responsible, law-abiding gun owners, like everyone else, want safer communities.

Bill C-71 advances this. If passed, this legislation will enhance background checks, improve the classification of firearms through the RCMP, require licence verification of all firearms purchasers, and improve record- keeping.

Liberals have heard the concerns of Canadians and are acting on them. Andrew Scheer, by contrast, wants to allow larger ammunition clips.

His caucus even has a petition in the House of Commons to re-classify the AR-15 as a hunting rifle.

I can only hope that, during his time in Kelowna Lake-Country, Mr. Scheer finds time to explain his party’sstand against common-sense gun control, at a time when Canadians want exactly that.

Stephen Fuhr is the Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country and can be reached or by calling 250.470.5075.